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How Can We Help You Today?


We are a law firm that specializes in representing clients from Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Spain, Scandinavia and Latin America.

Making the Steps Easy for You.

Whether you have an overseas corporation expanding to the U.S. or you’re a foreign national pursuing opportunities here, navigating your legal obligations can be daunting – differences in law, language and culture can impede progress and increase your exposure.

Combining extensive experience, in-depth knowledge of international business, a global network of resources and a staff fluent in French, German, Spanish, Portuguese and Arabic, we offer the hands-on attention required to enable you to meet your goals.

Why Do We Practice Law?

Law is about helping people. Clients care about the outcomes and benefits that we can provide to them.

It is our goal to deal with your very specific needs and goals in a way that delights and helps you. 

Here is a list of the practice areas where we can help you find solutions. 

You’ll Feel at Home Here

When you’re doing business in an unfamiliar country, there’s comfort in knowing the person representing you has firsthand knowledge of your home – its laws, its language and its culture.

Our clients from Germany and Spain work with a senior lawyer who is not only fluent in their language but has practiced law in both the U.S. and their homeland. That familiarity helps ensure your legal needs are met while forging a closer and more personal relationship. 




Our services are designed to help you expand to the US, launch your business, grow and protect it. 

Let’s discuss your needs and

the ways in which we can help you today.

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